Nature's Most Powerful Cat Litter

Why Choose Earth's FINEST®?

Learn why making the switch to Earth's FINEST® natural cat litter is the smartest choice for your cat, your home, and the planet.

2 Powerful Ingredients

We use 100% renewable farm-grown ingredients in our ultimate-performance cat litter—yuca and cane. Packing remarkable power into a compact size, a 3.6 lbs. bag delivers the same as 9.5 lbs. of clay litter or 7 lbs. of corn litter.

Ultra-Tight Clumps

Unlike other clumping cat litters, our litter forms ultra-tight clumps on contact for easy scooping. These clumps won’t break or fall apart and use less litter per clump, preserving more litter that lasts longer!

Proven Outstanding Odor Control

Whether you have one or more cats, our multi-cat performance formula captures urine, feces, and ammonia odors for a fresher litter box area.


Earth’s FINEST® is 60% lighter than clay litter and 50% lighter than corn litter. That means filling and emptying the litter box will no longer be a back-breaking chore.


When combined, yuca and cane form a unique bond with extraordinary capabilities. The result? An ultra-absorbent litter that soaks up 5 times more liquid than clay litter and 2.5 times more liquid than corn litter.


You and your cat deserve a breath of fresh air. Our dust-free formula won’t cast a cloud over your home or lead to messy paw prints.

100% Responsibly Sourced

Why do we care about creating a sustainable high-performance litter? Because we care about our Earth. Our eco-friendly cat litter is responsibly sourced from renewable resources. We honestly feel good about that…and know you will too!
  • Ultra-light clumps
  • Multi-cat performance
  • Proven outstanding odor control
  • Dust-free
  • 5X more absorbent and 60% lighter than clay
  • 2X more absorbent and 50% lighter than corn
  • No chemicals or dyes
  • No added fragrance

Instructions for Use

When switching litter, most cats prefer a gradual change over. Start with a third of Earth’s FINEST® Cat Litter added to your current litter. Then, once your cat is more familiar with it, increase to two-thirds. Once fully accepted, use only Earth’s FINEST® Cat Litter.

Manufacturing Process

Earth's FINEST® Cat Litter is made with two simple farm-grown ingredients. We use the roots and the fibers of yuca and cane to create a renewable cat litter that is just as sustainable as it is powerful.

Caution: Pregnant, nursing, or those with suppressed immune systems should use good cleanliness and safety practices when handling spilled litter or pet waste. Cat feces can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis.

Earth's FINEST® Cat Litter is not a food product.

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